Project Feasibility & Evaluation

  • Site assessment
  • System engineering & design
  • Business case analysis
  • Partner development

Futura takes a holistic approach in delivering solar energy solutions. Before recommending a PV solution to clients, we ensure the needed checks are done to determine need, suitability, and the best system infrastructure.

Energy Audits & Advisory

  • Energy efficiency recommendations
  • System engineering
  • Holistic system design
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Installation & Deployment

  • Procurment and logistics
  • Civil and structural works support
  • Construction management
  • Commisioning
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Operations & Maintenance

  • Performance maximization
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Remote monitoring and on-site support
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Structured Financing & Leasing Contracts

  • Financier engagement
  • PPA/Lease negotiations
  • Carbon Financing
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We have working relationship with green energy financiers, Grantmakers, and donors, that is with Infra is able to secure financial support for commercial and industrial clients as well as community impact projects.